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Digital Printing Solutions | Offset Printing Service

Silkscreen printing on apparels:

Silksreen PritingSilksreen PritingSilksreen Priting

Heat transfer printing on apparels:

Heat Transfer

Embroidery on Polo T-Shirts:

We provide the following printing & embroidery services.

Professional Digital Printing | Digital Printing Singapore

  • Suitable for fast & accurate print-outs
  • Ideal for small quantities

Offset Printing Singapore | Offset Printers

  • For spot colour printing
  • Ideal for bulk quantities

Large Format Printing

  • Digital Inkjet printing for large scale formats
  • Ideal for large posters, banners, standees etc.
  • Lamination, Mounting & On-site Set-up services available

Silkscreen Printing

  • For printing on fabrics (Eg. T-shirts), decals, gifts (mugs, pens etc.)


  • For fabrics (Eg. Uniforms, Polo-Ts, Towels, Caps & Bags.)

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