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Why Design  
Having served countless clients we have produced an extensive collection of apparel designs. Be it for casual wear or for corporate events, either provide us with your own designs or allow us to go crazy with our creativity, ensuring satisfaction with what you wear.


Why Fabrics  
Whether for personal use or for corporate identity, wearing it indoors or outdoors, we have a huge variety of fabrics to cater to your very specific needs. Making sure you stay comfortable wearing the apparels we provide.

Why Budget  
As a specialist in integrated marketing we understand that our clients face difficulties in managing a budget, thus we are able to provide you with the best possible solutions in meeting your specific requirements while remaining within your budget.


Why D  
We understand the urgency of a set deadline, that’s why at Eventus we do our best to deliver our promise and commitment to help our customers turn around their shirts to meet their event.


Why Quality  
When our clients employ our services, we will provide a sample for your reference and approval, thus reducing the risk and ensuring that our clients are satisfied with quality of our apparels.


Why Quanity  
With a minimum order of 20 pieces and with no number for a maximum order.


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